Round the World trip

October 1997

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Text for this roadbook was originaly written in beginning 1998, as a paper book. The electronic version dates from 2001.

I left Budapest on Sunday 19/10/97 after a hectic and an hectic end of the week.

After months of preparation, I was waiting for my ticket on a nice afternoon of October in Budapest. At 1:00 pm on Friday, I was talled that my ticket was not possible for HUF 300,000 (USD 1500) anymore, but only for HUF 1,200,000 (USD 6000). After a sharp discussion with the travel agency and an afternoon of their effort, they finally issued me a ticket. I don't really know how, but they did it.

The Sunday of departure was hectic as well. Of course I forgot something... I just had forints in my pocket. I taught (a little late) that the magyar currency was maybe not most appropriate to go around the world.
So I went to Vaci utca to change some money (on Sunday afternoon). The rate was not the best, to say the least (learning experience for the next time).
Amsterdam, after a short flight just enough to eat a sandwich and have a small nap. This was the best preparation for the next jump... I saw this massive plane waiting in this great airport of Schripool. This was my first 747 flight and it was so great. I spent this travel next top a Chinese women and we had a great discussion, but this was no preparation for the next step.