Ho Chi Minh City - Sept 98 / Jul 99


These are memories and pictures from my stay in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I arrived there with a 2 years contract from Shanghai. As it turned out, I only stayed for 11 months, before going to Hanoi and then Budapest. It a was an intense experience, not always easy, but enjoyable.
I did a little travelling in South Vietnam, including Mekong Delta, Vung Tao, Nha Trang , Cu Chi Tunnels, Thai Ninh, and going out to Phan Thiet beach regularly.
My vehicle was a 125cc motorbike BONUS, copy of a Honda from the 80's, made in Taiwan. I saw similar bikes in China when I lived there 10 years later.

Like most people I had not experience on bike driving... and no licence, so I just had to learn on the spot. Fortunately, I never had an accident.


Politics in Vietnam is quite strange, as Vietnam is a communist country. When I was there, Robert Hue (president of the French Communist Party at that time) came to visit Vietnam. He was received as a stateman (funny, when French Communist Party in France has less than 10% of votes on elections).
Click on picture to see the article from Vietnam News (the official English newspaper).