Florida - May 2006


My first trip to the USA, was a cruise through the West Coast, orchestrated by my friend Peter. It was a very active trip, with sight seeing, shopping, and entertainment very mixed together. I had not a minute to get rested and the 10 days there went really really fast. I saw so many things during that short time, that I needed a few days after to fully comprehend it all. The following pages are few pictures and a few moments of that tour.
The first day was in Miami, touring South Beach, with it's Art Deco hotels.

This part of Miami was out of the loop until the early neighties when it became trendy again. It just feels like a movie, with the big cars, the beach, the nice hotels and lot's of beautiful people around. We stayed in a hotel right next to Sagamore, having diner and drinks in the design and trendy bar of the Sagamore hotel next door, one of trendy place in town.
We also walked on the pedestrian part, around Ocean. This place definitely feels like South America, with lot's of people speaking Spanish and Cuban cigar shops at the corner of every street. It definitely had a Miami Vice feeling... just missing Sunny Crocket with his balck Ferrari to complete the picture.

After one day in Miami we flew to Orlando, rented a car, doing some outlet shopping, viewing "La Nouba" show from Cirque du Soleil and visiting EPCOT Center. I had heard about Cirque du Soleil many times and wanted to see it since more than 10 years. The show was just incredible with things happening on the scene all the time, letting the spectator no time to breath. The acts were perfect, smoothly integrated with the music and the scene play. It was one of the most incredible show I had ever seen, and no doubt that I will look for some more shows from Cirque du Soleil to go and see.
EPCOT center was another children dream to realise. I remember reading about EPCOT's opening in the early eighties in my favourite "Journal de Mickey" newspaper. Although some attractions are a little old now, it's still fascinating particularly as this was my very first large theme park. Two attactions were really incredible, the car test track putting you in a card driving on a race track... and the space shuttle simulator. This attraction gives you the feeling you really are in a spacecraft taking off. They use centrifugation to put G's on you and recreate the feeling on beeing crushed on the sit. It was an incredible experience.

There is also a small Lego Land in the park, with life size Lego built models...