August 2000

This weekend of August, my friend John and myself went to Slovakia.

John was very existed about Solvakia, as he spent about a year there 8 years ago, and never went back. He was my guide as he knows that area a little. We drove first Banska Bistrica (the large town in Eastern Slovakia), and kept on further to the mountains. The road was nice and curvy, a nice change from eternaly flat Hungary. Although we were only 200-300 km from Budapest, it felt like a great travel.

We splet at the hotel Partizan, lost in the middle of the mountains, and had dinner in this kind of hut that was a "typical" slovak restaurant, serving grilled meat (we both had 1/2 a chicken). After that, John made friend with a local gentleman. The next day we drove further in the mountains and had a swim in a mountain lake (fresh but nice). We drove back, stopping in Banska Bistrica (next page).