Kosice - Slovakia

March 2001

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This second trip to Slovakia was a nostalgia trip for all 3 of us. Randal was going back to the place he spent a lot of time while in Ukraine. Jon was going back to Slovakia where he spent time as well, and I was considering living Central Europe. Spring in Slovakia was nice and sunny. We just spent our 3 days very relaxed, sightseeing, eating fried cheese and drinking excellent Slovak beer.

Kosice used to part of Hungary until 1921 (Treaty of Trianon), this is clear when you.re there. The architecture is similar to the Budapest districts built in the XIX century. The Hungarian influence is very strong and one can often Hungarian spoken in the street. It ofen gives the feeling to still be one of the Hungarian towns, like Debrecen or Szeged. The center of town is build around a large square, alond shaped. The opera (right above) is in the center with the cathedral (next page).