January 2001


My first long holiday since I came back to Hungary, took me to Martinique. I flow from Budapest right before Christmas and spent a small week in Dijon, with my father's family. It was nice and enjoyable, but nothing compared to the next step...
I flow from Charles-de-Gaulle airport with AIR FRANCE on 28/12/01 at about 16:00 and arrived there at about 21:00, after 8 hours flight. I was taken home through the tortuous roads of Fort-de-France. Temperature was about 25C, the night was warm... the surprise came the next day.

This was the view I had when I woke up... same morning, I went for my first time to Fort-de-France (capital town of Martinique).

The channel
Schoelcher library
Savane square

Fort-de-France has this peculiar atmosphere. Half of the time, you believe to be in France, and suddenly it slips and you feel like in an African banana Republic. The town is run down in some part and not that clean. Really a pity as it could be so great.
One can recognise the French colonial style. The building on the right picture looks very much like the War Museum in Hanoi (this is the central administration building). Bottom pictures are more of creol architecture (lovely little wooden houses).