Kempten - March-June 1994

It was my fourth stay in Germany. After living in the Middle of Germany (Frankfurt and Kircheimbolanden) and the North of Germany (Hamburg), I went to live in the very South. I was a French guy sent by as a pioneer for a Erasmus exchange, between the Universityof Huddersfield, UK and a Fachhoschule Kempten, Germany... all of this sponsored by the European Community.

Kempten is in Allgau, the very South of Germany, a few kms from Austria and Switzerland. It is the heart of the German alpes mountains. I went there by train, crossing mountains in a very nice trip (Dijon, Lausanne, Zurich, Kempten). I lived in a student's hall that used to be a seminarium... This did not stop us to make incredible parties there.

I arrived on a Tuesday. The following Friday afternoon I was already skying in Austria. We just took advantage of the last snow.... and 2 weeks latter, it was so warm that we were just wearing tee-shirts.

I spent the first 2 months drinking beer and partying around, attending few lectures.... and the rest of the time, scrambling for the exams.

It was a time of adventures with travel to Prague and the German mountains.One of the best memories was to go to a huge Rock Festival in Munich. Rock in Riem had more than 100,000 people camping around and attending concerts. It was totally incredible. Three days of concerts all the day and the night (Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Rage Against the Manchine, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Croved House, Nina Hagen, Galiano)... An immense mass of people, living in a sea of tents...and a lot of beers.

pictures taken by Annabelle)

I have long lost track of most people on those pictures, apart from one Finnish friend that I went to see in Helsinki about 11 year later). I would love to get in touch with people who were there with me. You can write to me at