Atlantic Coast
May 1998

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This short trip was an in-between. I was back in Dijon, coming back from Budapest after my first stay. I was about to go to Crown University in Sydney, Australia.It was a break time, a calm period before being taken in the Crown storm.
With my friend Francois, we took the car and drove 700 km to the West... until the sea.

We talked about making a trip together many times, and we did it at that time. We went camping around. I wanted to see the sea... We went first to La Rochelle.

This town has been a holiday town for a long time, with a fisherman harbour. It developped in the XIX century, and most house are from this period. April was a great time. The weather was not too great and I jumped in the sea only once (and it was cold). It was quite, we had seafood everyday and very enjoyable.We spent two nights in La Rochelle.