Yellow Mountains - November 2007


This weekend took us to Anhui province. A few hundred kilometers from Shanghai, Huang Shan (Yellow mountains) is one must see site of this part of China.

After a flight from Shanghai to HuangShan city, and a 2 hours bus drive, we reached the bottom of the mountain ready for the climb on the next morning. There are numerous part to climb HuangShan, but the most popular is a 3 to 4 hours climb on stares carved in the mountain... we took the cable car instead to reach the top and this beautiful scenery.

Morning view of Yellow Mountains

Everything available up the Yellow Mountains (including all items avaible in the hotel) is
carried upward by people ... No wonder everything is so expensive up there.

Another beautiful landscape.

Great phone connection up there. Jiajia is doing the "advertising for China Mobile" pause.

Another beautiful view

Many chinese couple seal the "Love lock" in Huang Shan, symbol of eternal love.

Sunset through the trees.