Guizhou Province - May 2005 - Page 1

The Guizhou-Guanxi Trip was a YANA trip during May holiday 2005. It lasted for about 7 days including nearly 3 days of train travel... The first train travel lasted for about 32 hours. It was nice to be in the train, isolated from the rest of the world, just the few of us. I slept most of the day, as I was just out of an intense working period.
We had some regular distraction with the train company employees training to sell us food, drinks and mutiple things to use during this trip. The atmosphere was quite silent, with card playing and reading as main occupation, until we opened a bottle of wine... then it became much more fun.

We also had the excitment of jumping off the train at the long stops to get hot food and cold beer... as well as looking at the people. It was comfortable, but I think we were all happy to arrive.

After this long trip, we had diner in the restaurant street of Kaili. Most of the meat was inside parts of pig (heart, kidney, lever, intestines...) as it's normal in China. We then took a walk in the city, including the "great" cental monument of Kaili (bottom left).