Fujian Province - January 2005

Fujian province was my first YANA trip. It was a for day travel in Fujian province (South-West of China). The program included 3 days in the mountain, staying at the Hakka buildings and one day in Xiamen, on the sea side.

A charming village in the mountain with its charming factory, heritage of communism... We travelled on full day, fliying from Shanghai to Xiamen and driving in the mountains... until we reached the Hakka buildings (below).

These buildings were built by the Hakka minorities coming from the North part of China. There are castles designed to protect the inhabitants against invasion and are 200 to 300 years old.

We slept for 2 nights in this village, including 31st December diner. It was extremely cold for this region... so we had to sleep with all clothes on... but the stay was a lot of fun.