Bali & Lombok


We reached Bali on 14/10/99 in the evening. Preparation was so bad, we did not even have a guide about Bali or Lombok. We just flought there, arriving in the Denpasar airport. We asked the taxi driver, he found us a cheap "losmen" (sort of hostel) in Kuta, and the travel was on...

We were on Kuta Beach, the world wellknown surf spot. Kuta is like a little Australia, with big surfer guys carrying their boards around and hanging around with their long hair and their worked-out body, in search for the perfect wave. It was a very special atmosphere, a little bit like in "Point break".

It was funny as well to see trash Japanese people... a proof, if needed, that Japan is fast moving away from the old picture we had. One sees as well japanese girls, always hanging by pairs, coming over for long shopping weekends (this seems to be their kind of holidays).

Local people are really nice. It was such a difference with Vietnamese (at least some of them... not to offense any of my VN friends). Balinese people are very much smiling and nice. They seems just happy to live on their island. The feeling is similar to the one you have talking to Polynesian people. Actually, even if they are indu, Balinese people look sometimes quite similar to the Polynesian, and they are supposed to have the same origin.We made friends with people there, like that cool guy renting surf boards on the beach.

The second day was the organisation day. We rented 2 motorbikes (Yamaha 115, similar that the one we had in Vietnam), and we went on the beach. It was shopping day, preparation for the tour of the island that we were planning... plans that were slightly moved...