This is my cat, Maestro (actually, more of my mother's cat nowadays). We got him in 1992, and he was probably 1 year old at that time.

Maestro now retired in the country side, where he spends some lazy days around the house. He has a very active life that mainly includes sleeping, eating and wandering in the village. This also includes fighting with the other cats in the neighbourhood. Maestro had an very important eye operation in 2005, when we thought he may not survive... but he recovered fine from it and we hope to keep him some more years.


Maestro in 1998.

The first day we took a second cat (1993). You can see Maestro was so jealous of this new little cat... they became very good friends afterward.

Maestro envoying a belly massage. (1992)

Maestro at the window (May 2001).